The Rooster's Wife

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Malcom Halcombe 
Sunday Feb. 12 at 6:46 pm
Purchase tickets online: $12 - $15 

A Far Cry From Here

I’ve heard misfortune losses
And wasted ways before me by the costs
Of givin’ someone time enough for spendin’
Love only borrowed

I’ve placed myself at ease
Listenin’ to the lies of self-belief
For wantin’ somethin’ close enough for keepin’
A far cry from here

    But I believe in ways than these
    To speak another dear who has been spared
    Innocent so near
    A far cry from here

Even still the night is passin’
Behind her heart an emptiness still follows
The distance dams the swallows hard for lendin’
Love only borrowed


Some are sad but true to know
There’s belongin’ in just longin’ for someone
My shoulder rests a road I only follow
Love only borrowed


A far cry from here
A far cry from here…

Malcolm Holcombe ©l993, Purple Girl Music/BMI