• Kaira Ba, Orange County, North Carolina, November 7, 2013.

The Rooster’s Wife sprang from a desire to provide quality live music at affordable prices to the families of our community. We welcome children with open arms, and free admission for the under 12 set. How can they develop taste in music if they don’t hear a broad palette?

Time in New Orleans emphasized the absolute healing properties of music in all our lives. Delivery of a reliable source of  Vitamin M on a regular basis was conjured by a kitchen cabinet of four women around the table.

The first house concert happened December 2005, Katrina’s effects a testimony to the importance of the artistic community, its resillience and absolute necessity for life. It was an old school effort, with fliers posted, postcards mailed, and phone calls made. The Parson, Jon and Caroline, and Jerome Hawkes brought a great show, along with their sound system, to a packed house on the corner of High and Blue in downtown Aberdeen, We continued that way for three, or was it four ? years, with summer shows outdoors on the lawn of Aberdeen’s oldest residence on South Street. Ringling trained clowns performed with their fantastic trickster dogs, Bruce Molsky imported Ole Moeller, and the Carolina Chocolate Drops made their first Aberdeen appearance. That was just a smidgeon of the fun and wonder that music brought to our town.

The more things change, the more they remain the same. An empty building on the edge of the historic district became our new living room, where we could leave the sound equipment in place and have modern bathrooms that would accommodate the crowd. We opened the bar, with support from local purveyors SouthernPines Brewing, Reverie Cocktails and James Creek Ciderhouse. Our shows start early, so kids and us older folks can make the shows. The only rule inviolate is our dedication to the best music we can find.

Thanks for your support of live music in our community.