DECEMBER 26, 2019 – JANUARY 2, 2020

Discover your Cuba during this holiday season.  Cuba’s people, cuisine,
architecture and music combine to create a festive holiday atmosphere that is unique and unforgettable.  Its rich history has touched generations and now you can welcome in the New Year with rhythm and passion, Caribbean style! Experience Havana’s charming Spanish colonial buildings and cobblestone streets and venture to the country’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site, the quiet valley and tobacco fields of Pinar del Rio. Americans can still go to Cuba as long as their Visa is of the “Support for the Cuban People” category. The “People-to-People” Visa is no longer permitted with exceptions.Fortunately, Your Cuba Travel will continue to run their scheduled journeys without interruption so come along with the Rooster’s Wife for NYE in Havana !
Cuba is complex and my hope continues to be for every last citizen to be free someday. Until then, I’m confident the people of Cuba will be just fine…I can not tell you why they’ll be fine this very moment but I can try to show you through Laura’s eyes.
For more information, contact Eli
305.912.CUBA or
OR Janet at theroosterswife@gmail.com