• Kaira Ba, Orange County, North Carolina, November 7, 2013.

The Rooster’s Wife is a community arts organization with home base at the Poplar Knight Spot in downtown Aberdeen, NC. The main concentration is original music, of all genres, from old time through modern jazz.  Organization, we use that term loosely. We are volunteer run, and the Spot has a liquor license, which dictates that we be a private club. Once you join, you are part of the organization. Welcome .

The Poplar Knight Spot is a 99 seat listening room with great sound. Listening room? Our shows are seated. The back doors slide open, weather permitting, which allows for outdoor listening and seats on the porch. When musicians are working, give them your attention and respect. No idle chatter please. Exuberant response is most welcome. Dinner is available on site. You may bring snacks. You my not bring booze of any sort.

The Spot is handicapped accessible.

Questions on the material we’ve covered? Drop us a line at theroosterswife@gmail.com. By all means socially meditate with us. FB, Insta, Twitter. We call it meditation as we make every effort to consciously reach out in a positive way. Let us know how we are doing!